2. Kinderstadt in Oradea „Rainbow City“

The village of Sinmartin was coloured again by the large palette of activities prepared on the occasion of International Day of Education.

The good impact of the first edition (May, 2019) of Rainbow City in the community made the volunteers wish to open again the small city.  For 35 children enrolled in the activities, the joy and happiness was enormous.

Volunteers prepared different activities to make children participate with pleasure, activities adapted to the age range of 3-8. The destination of the houses was different from the first edition, excepting the house destinated for reading. Autumn, health, creativity, big buildings, dinosaurs and explorers face painting, where just a few themes of the day. The area destinated for their parents was also a place for socializing with the local authorities represented there by the Mayor of the village.

The volunteers, all being qualified as kindergarten teachers, played different sport games with the children and spent good time together.

  By these activities we promote equality, human rights, helping each other, respect, civic spirit, democracy, etc.

We hope and prepare the third edition as an open space on the occasion of

…. you will find out on the right time 🙂  

Best regard,

Kinderstadt ambassador in Romania,




4. Transnational Partner Meeting / Lucca/Viareggio 2021


3. Transnational Partner Meeting / Lucca/Viareggio 2021

Activity C2 Blended Learning /  Arvidsjaur

Blended Learning Event “Kinderstadt Arvidsjaur”