C1 Blended Learning Event “Kinderstadt Bärenhausen” / Bernburg 2018

APPOINTMENT: 1. Activity C1 (Blended Learning-Activity):  5th of July – 9th of July 2018; 5 Days (+ travel days)

PLACE: Bernburg, Germany

PARTICIPANTS: All transnational partners (5); national partners (2); promoters (2); two participants per partner, a total of 16 participants; + 3 participants (Youth office, company, parties from the regional area).

CONTENT/OBJECTIVES: Blended Learning – Activities

Getting to know the children’s town “Bärenhausen” in theory, practice, promotion and strategies, interactive workshops, discussion of the project, development of own ideas, production of a video for presentation in the homeland.

Discussion in order to begin to develop new approaches and strategies;

Defining further work steps.